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                        Thinking of joining?  

    Here's what you need to know about co-ops. 

What’s a co-op all about? 


Why start one here in Manitowoc County?


We’re happy to tell you!


Clipper City Co-op’s mission is to be a community owned grocery store dedicated to providing access to locally sourced food, strengthening the regional economy and promoting health and well-being.


But how are we going to do that?


Well, first check out how a co-op can be different from your local, traditional grocery store. The chart  shows that:

  • Co-ops focus on and offer more locally produced goods

  • Co-ops partner with more local producers and food artisans

  • Co-ops spend more of their revenue locally, within the community

  • Co-ops provide more organic and natural food choices overall

  • Co-ops recycle more and are friendlier to the environment.

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                     Why should I be an owner?


Co-ops not only keep your dollars local there is a multiplier effect. That means that for every dollar spent at a co-op, it generally creates about $1.60 locally. That’s because co-ops hire local people who spend their wages in the community.  Co-ops purchase a lot of food and inventory from local producers, keeping that money in the community.  And co-ops purchase other related goods and services for the store from suppliers and trades within the community, keeping that money within the community too.

Co-ops are prioritizing local. Our farmers and our producers. Our community.

Shopping at a cooperative also encourages personal economic sustainability while promoting local and global environmental sustainability.

By becoming an owner, YOU develop and contribute an even greater voice to YOUR community.


Clipper City Coop is a community owned grocery store with a prioritization of local, ethical and sustainable practices. And, though everyone can shop at the co-op becoming a member has some definite benefits.

1.  Cooperatives are community owned. Therefore, being an owner means YOU have a say in what comes into the store, how the store will operate, and what principles will guide the operations. You can vote on issues and be on the board of directors.  It also means that YOU are taking ownership with YOUR voice in the community.

2.  Co-ops function as democratic, owner run organizations and follow the 7 principles listed here.  The Clipper City Co-op will practice this as well.  You are part of this structure as an owner.

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Last night’s meet-up was awesome! Tony F


3.  Clipper City Co-op owners also benefit from special perks and discounts. These are sometimes offered by other local businesses, as is the case now, before the store opens.  When the store opens these discounts and benefits will be seen while shopping. This is owned by the community so those perks will be determined together with the general manager.

4.  Even though we’ll prioritize local, the store will be stocked with what our members want and families need, so you’ll be able to do all your grocery shopping in one place. And, some things simply aren’t local items. But, you will be able to make educated and quick decisions of what products and food you are bringing home to your family. No more need to bring a dictionary with you to the grocery store to read the labels.

5.  Co-ops are food hubs and community connectors. If you've visited other food co-ops, they are bustling with activity.  That's because they are truly places where community gathers, where people feel welcomed and part of a family.  Co-ops allow people to understand where their food comes from and allows producers to connect with their customers.  Co-ops are places of food and friendship!

6.  Co-ops believe in educating the community about nutrition and wellness.  Therefore, as the co-op develops, it will feature regular opportunities for learning, demonstrations, and other engaging activities for people of all ages.  Co-ops give back to their communities. 



Feeling of belonging and supporting each other


Positive local economic impact

grocery bag

Full service, one-stop grocery shopping

7 cooperative princicples

Community owned organization


Fresh, quality food


Supporting local farmers and producers