Owner Spotlight: Sandee Sprang

Our owner spotlight for June is Sandee Sprang. Thanks for investing in the Clipper City Co-op and participating in the Ownership Committee when you are able!

Hi everyone! I’m from the Mishicot area and really enjoy spending time here in the rural midwest when I’m not in New York City working or traveling abroad. Before moving to NYC to start my career as a flight attendant, I lived in Berlin, Germany as well as spending much of my childhood and college years in Florida.

My biggest passion is to practice living life in the yoga/ayurveda lifestyle which is a wonderful challenge for me as I’m in the air frequently! I’m a classically trained yoga practitioner and belong to a worldwide organization that is dedicated to helping people achieve a unified mind, body and spirit connection with deep spiritual roots.

I also love tending to a vegetable garden in my backyard and creating interesting vegetarian dishes that also pack and travel well.

I invested in the CCC for the simple reason that we can help teach and encourage people that eating from local growers and suppliers is a win win situation for everyone involved: Fewer trucks on the interstates delivering food across America that’s been picked while still unripe, better and fresher quality, more microbes (the good bugs) in our digestive tracts to help maintain health, camaraderie between like minded people, and keeping small family-owned farms and businesses in business producing the way the people actually want, without chemicals and using crop rotation methods.

Manitowoc needs a food co-op to make a statement to corporate growers: You may not have our best interests at heart but WE sure do!


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