Owner Spotlight: Todd and Lori Lotz

Our owner spotlight for May is Todd and Lori Lotz. Lori has also been active in our Ownership Committee, helping to plan and volunteer at events. Thank-you Todd and Lori for investing in the Clipper City Co-op!

Tell us about yourself-what do you do for a living, where are you from, any hobbies or organizations you are involved in?

We moved to Manitowoc in 1994 after Todd left active duty service in the Navy. We had decided to return to Wisconsin so that our kids could grow up knowing their extended family. Todd went back to school and earned his teaching degree while Lori worked as a RN. Todd currently teaches in the Manitowoc public school district working with young adults who have disabilities. Lori is employed with the VA clinic in Green Bay as a nurse in the medical procedures department. Todd also serves as a City Alderman for District 7. Our family consists of our 3 biological children (Aubrey, Paige, and Abe), a young man for whom we serve as guardians (Cordell), and 2 large, lovable dogs (Norm and Rosie). We enjoy spending time outside exploring parks with our dogs, cooking, and visiting our kids.

Why did you invest in the Clipper City Co-op and become an owner?

We believe in supporting our local producers. We had talked about joining the co-op for a while before actually taking the step to become owners. We chose to pay our ownership fees in monthly installments which really makes ownership fiscally possible for nearly everyone. By becoming an owner of the Clipper City Co-op we have a voice in how the co-op operates, its future location, the products it will offer and its involvement within the community.

Why do you think Manitowoc needs a food co-op?

Manitowoc county is fortunate to have local producers who generate high quality food products. A retail space that allows them to offer their products to more consumers benefits both the producer and the consumer. Revenue generated by food co-ops tends to be reinvested back into the local community at a higher rate than traditional stores. A food co-op would also offer employment opportunities for some members of our community. We have been impressed while visiting other co-ops by the positive impact they have had on the neighborhoods in which they are located-- it really becomes more than just a grocery store!


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