Owner Spotlight: Katreena and Steven Powell

Our owner spotlight for April is Katreena and Steven Powell, owners #114. Thank you for sharing about yourselves and thank you for investing in the co-op and your community!

Tell us about yourselves:

My name is Katreena and my husband's name is Steven. We both grew up in Two Rivers. Steven attended LTC for Computer Support and I went to UW Steven's Point for Child, Youth, and Family Studies and Business. Steven currently works for Forefront Dermatology as a Associate Network Engineer and I currently work at Hope Community Church assisting with musical worship planning. I am also the owner of Higher Grounds Coffee Company which will has been present at the Winter Marshall Street Farmers Market selling fair trade and organic whole bean coffee, hot coco, tea, and regular coffee! Starting this spring I will be operating a full service coffee truck selling fair trade and organic specialty coffee drinks like lattes, frappes, cappuccinos, cold brew, and other things. I will also have fair trade and organic teas, hot chocolate, and coffee free frappes for those who don't like coffee. You can find me at the farmers market this in spring with my full truck!

Why did you invest in the co-op and become an owner?

We invested in the co-op because during our time living in Steven's Point we were a part of the co-op and it was a great experience! We both really believe in trying to buy local when we can. We really believe in the concept of "voting" with your money, by choosing carefully what you invest it in/purchase. The co-op is a no brainier for us! Not to mention, it fits right in with my coffee business because my mission is to raise awareness about fair trade and knowing where your coffee comes from. This same concept can be applied to all food and I know the co-op has the same vision of empowering local farmers/producers.

Why do you feel Manitowoc County needs a food co-op?

We believe Manitowoc county needs a co-op because our local food movement has been growing steadily. There is a high demand for a store where you can go and just know that the items you are purchasing are helping local farmers/producers when possible. I also love that in a co-op the members decide how profits are spent. I think this will really help customers get the products they want to see on the shelves. We miss our co-op in Steven's Point so much and I just know that Manitowoc will benefit from the Clipper City Co-op!


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