Owner Spotlight: Theresa Marie Falvey

March 2, 2019

Tell us about yourself.

I am Theresa Marie Falvey, Soulful Shift Maker (creating positive shift and impact within the community) and owner of State of Grace mind.body.spirit.LLC. I offer services from Yoga, Transformational Life Coaching, Massage Therapy and so much more! My hometown is Manitowoc but I have also lived in Colorado twice, which feels like a second home to me. Being in nature revives my soul, so anytime I can get out there fishing, fat biking, kayaking, or hiking I’m a happy gal!


Why did you invest in the Co-op?

I invested in the CO-OP and became a member because I am very much in the mindset that when we come together and support community that is when great things happen! I also believe it’s important to know where our food comes from to support ourselves in the best health possible and to suppo