Marinara Sauce

September 28, 2018

After posting a picture of “My Prize Marinara Sauce” on the Face-pages, I was asked to share the recipe with the Co-op. Cool! Problem is, I don’t use a recipe. My cooking style has (d?)evolved into a “feeling” instead of a recipe.


So here I am, first Saturday afternoon in Fall, every container in the house filled with tomatoes, and a stack of recently “thrifted” records.  I decide to put on the chef’s hat. Do I want to make catsup, tomato soup, marinara, spaghetti sauce, salsa, roasted oil drenched tomatoes, or stewed? I don’t know yet, but I do know I’ll need a pile of chopped tomatoes cooked down for hours.  Time to pull out the Kitchen Aid food processor and a fresh slab of wax for the turntable!


Now that I have a kettle of tomatoes simmering and the tunes blasting, I take a walk into the garden and find a pungent bouquet of basil that the first frost is itching to steal. I decide on Marinara.


Fortunately, I’ve just returned from our Two Rivers Community Garden plot with a bounty of onions and leeks, and the garlic has been harvested and cured for a few weeks. How many onions do you need for a big pot of Marinara? I dunno, two? One? How onion-y do I feel today? I decide on two.


Our garlic was as sharp as a tack this year so I bet one and a half large heads will do. Who doesn’t love a ton of garlic?


Flip record.


I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT GOOD INGREDIENTS MAKE GOOD FOOD!! So, if I don’t use my personal garden dried herbs, I usually get my spices from the bulk/organic section of a grocery store (can’t wait to buy these soon from the Clipper City Co-op). I luckily have a quality Italian mix on hand along with some of our personal dried oregano (which, as my wife brought to my attention, really makes a good marinara).