2018 Annual Meeting report

Thanks to all who volunteered and attended our 2018 annual meeting. We had 83 attendees representing 49 owner households. We had 101 owners vote in our election and elected Pat Koppa, Marcia Donlon and Lauren Baur to the board.

Our meeting opened with a greeting from Jill Iverson, owner #1, welcoming everybody.

We had a year in review from Naomi Raddatz highlighting many of the accomplishments from this past year.

The financial report was given by Amy Fettes our current treasure. If you would like a copy of the report please email Amy at treasurertreasurer@clippercitycoop.com.

Door prizes supplied by Wild Iris were then given out.

A report from Tony Fodden showed the use the Proforma, the proforma is a spreadsheet used by coops to determine at which point we would be come profitable. It will tell use how big of a store to have and how much we need to sell in a year. It is the single most important document we are working on in trying to move from 2A to 2B. We are working with CDS consulting, who specializes in helping coops open, to get our proforma finished. We still have a lot of work to do and will be making that a priority this year.

We had a report from Cath Tease on what our Owner Outreach Committee is doing. A list of volunteer needs is located on the website and many volunteers with a large variety of skills are needed. We used interactive voting at the meeting and we were able to see immediately what the owners were thinking to the questions asked. It was a fun and interesting learning experience.

A final round of door prizes were drawn to end out our meeting.

Several questions were asked:

  • What was the result of the site selection survey taking at the 2017 meeting? Answer: A majority of our owners want our store to be located downtown Manitowoc. The site selection committee is using this information as part of the whole package in our Proforma.

  • Is there a very short write-up about the coop that we can hand out to people who inquire, such as on a postcard? Answer: We have a brochure available with information on the coop along with an application form. We also have business cards with our website that can be handed out potential new owners. Brochures are available at the Farmers Market and several downtown stores.

  • Will there be an emphasis on organic food at our store? We will be planning to stock our store with organic local foods as much as possible. Non-organic items will also be available and clearly marked.

  • I need a sign for my lawn – where can I obtain a sign? Answer: We have lawn signs available for owners that can be picked up at the Farmers Market. If you are unable to get to the Farmers you can email us and we will make arrangement to get one to you. clippercitycoop@clippercitycoop.com

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