CCC wins Progress Lakeshore Community Enhancement Award

Clipper City Co-op was nominated and WON the Progress Lakeshore Community Enhancement Award on May 15th 2018. Progress Lakeshore recognizes Manitowoc's best economic development projects and the year’s most influential leaders.

Wow! What an honor to be recognized by this highly respected group of professional men and women. I have to be honest with you, on the day of the award I did not have an acceptance speech written. Why? Because I did not think we had a chance to win against the other established nominees in the category. After graciously accepting the award, I thought to myself, hmm I need to change my mindset….

Progress Lakeshore recognized the ability of Clipper City Co-op to enhance our community. I would like to review for myself and all of the dedicated owners how Clipper City Co-op will enhance our community and why we are working so hard to bring a cooperative grocery store to the city of Manitowoc.

Here goes:

Food co-ops help create a robust local economy.

When you buy local products, more money stays in your local economy, on average 185 small local farms are supported through a cooperative grocery store.

The modern food co-op looks a lot like any other grocery store, but it is fundamentally different. Co-ops are deeply tied to the communities they operate in, not only selling food and household goods, but cycling money into the local economy on a larger scale than conventional grocers. When $1,000 dollars is spent at a food co-op, $1,604 is generated in the local economy. Food co-ops spend 6% more on local wages and benefits than conventional grocery stores.

Food co-ops help support a healthier environment.

Organic farming methods are more sustainable and have been identified as a key way to slow down climate change. Certified organic sales make up 42% of typical food co-op sales compared to grocery chains that have an average of 5%. The food you buy is fresh and local you know where it comes from.

Co-ops build community.

Co-ops foster a community that cares and shares. They are big enough to meet a variety of needs and small enough to meet your neighbors. As a percentage of revenue co-ops donate to charitable causes at a rate that is 44% higher than conventional retailers. Ownership is empowering and everyone is welcome. Co-op shoppers are investing in a better way of doing the grocery business.

This is just a small list of the way food co-ops enhance the communities they operate in. Let’s all enjoy the process of bringing this great addition to our community!

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