CCC wins Progress Lakeshore Community Enhancement Award

June 1, 2018

Clipper City Co-op was nominated and WON the Progress Lakeshore Community Enhancement Award on May 15th 2018.  Progress Lakeshore recognizes Manitowoc's best economic development projects and the year’s most influential leaders. 


Wow! What an honor to be recognized by this highly respected group of professional men and women.  I have to be honest with you, on the day of the award I did not have an acceptance speech written.  Why? Because I did not think we had a chance to win against the other established nominees in the category.   After graciously accepting the award, I thought to myself, hmm I need to change my mindset….


Progress Lakeshore recognized the ability of Clipper City Co-op to enhance our community.  I would like to review for myself and all of the dedicated owners how Clipper City Co-op will enhance our community and why we are working so hard to bring a cooperative grocery store to the city of Manitowoc.


Here goes: