Roorbach Event a Success!

We are happy to announce that we brought in 49 new Owners at the May Roorbach Ownership Event. By joining Clipper City Co-op, these new Owners have the satisfaction that they will be helping local farmers, offering Manitowoc a food co-op with fresh and organic foods, and creating new jobs in the community.

We are grateful for Claire from Roorbach’s Flowers who sponsored Clipper City Co-op’s Owner sign-on event and also for her giving each new Owner who signed up at the event a $50 gift certificate.

We thank you, the Owners of Clipper City Co-op, who volunteered their time to help make our sign-on event a great success. Without you Owners, this event couldn’t have taken place.

Gratitude to the back entrance greeters for welcoming all Roorbach guests: Erica Strauss, Kathy Strickland, Maria Siegfried, Teri Halverson and Jan Van Eycke.

Appreciation goes to volunteers at the Co-op info and Ownership sign-on table for answering questions, helping new owners fill out applications, and just by making everyone feel welcomed: Naomi Raddatz, Deb Schad, Cath Tease, Jan Van Eycke, Mary Larson, Jill Vance, Katherine Wendt and Teri Halverson.

Special thanks to Kate Ludwig for offering her cooking talents by giving samples of her tasty dressings on salads that she prepared using Roorbach’s microgreens. We also thank Brett Hicks and Chris Wentker for helping at Kate’s table.

Thank you to photographer Chery Quintina and co-op Owners - Paula Radl & Jackie Sullivan, for taking pictures & videos of the event.

And finally, we are grateful to the volunteers who made the Kid’s planting activity a success: Paula Radl, Naomi Raddatz, and Ryan & Jackie Sullivan and family.

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