Owner Spotlight: The Drews and Schmeichels

As our summer ownership campaign kicks off we actually have a double owner spotlight to demonstrate how our ownership can easily grow in the next few months.

Nicole heard about the Co-op from a coworker and her and her husband became owners at the Petskull event. She talked to her parents about the co-op and they joined this last weekend. All it takes to bring on another owner is to talk to others about it.

Check out our talking points to get a better idea of how to tell others about what the co-op is.

Nicole & Chris Drew and Sue & Greg Schmeichel

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for a living?

Nicole works as a Physical Therapist at Holy Family Memorial and Chris is in the Loan department at Bank First. We both enjoy everything outside, like cycling, running, hiking, camping and kayaking.

Sue- I grew up in Manitowoc County in Rockwood. Growing up in the county my whole life, our family always had a vegetable garden, and we canned or froze our vegetables and fruit. Greg grew up in Two Rivers. When Greg and I got married we bought property in Shoto where we grow fruit and vegetables and we still can and freeze our homegrown products. Sue is the nurse manager at Holy Family Memorial Cancer Center and Clinical Research. Sue has her Master’s in nursing as a Clinical Nurse Leader. Greg is a retired firefighter/Paramedic from the City of Two Rivers

Why did you invest in the Clipper City Co-op and become an owner?

Nicole and Chris- We both lived in La Crosse during our schooling and we were lucky to experience the amazingness of their Co-op. There is a definite difference between the quality of foods that they provided compared to food that has traveled hundreds and even thousands of miles before it ends up at your grocer

Sue and Greg- Healthy eating and having options for fresh foods is important, the selection in Manitowoc is always available. We need to have options to make choices for healthy eating. In our fast pace world it’s so easy to reach for the processed foods, because we don’t have easy access to healthy foods. Working in health care I see the benefits and the need to promote healthy choices.

Why do you feel Manitowoc needs a food co-op?

Nicole and Chris- We feel that having a Co-op would provide more than just a place to buy groceries, but provide a sense of community and atmosphere that we believe Manitowoc really needs.

Sue and Greg- To give people the choice to choose healthy foods at a reasonable price. Manitowoc County has a high rate of obesity, obesity is directly related to many health conditions. I think it would be great at some point to be able to partner with schools and cancer centers to offer coupons or gift certificates to people to encourage and promote healthy eating and lifestyles. Today you see so many gimmicks to lose weight, get healthy etc by taking a pill or some supplement. People need to realize the best way to stay healthy is by exercise and making healthy food choices. Thank you for starting this co-op.

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