Owner Spotlight: Nancy Kellner

A number of our owners run small farms or produce products that you could find at a food co-op. Nancy Kellner and her family are currently supplying certified organic eggs and chicken to the Outpost Co-op in Milwaukee as well as to a number of other area restaurants and establishments. Find out why Nancy is passionate about organic farming and why she is looking forward to Manitowoc County opening a food co-op.

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for a living?

I run Kellner Back Acre garden CSA and organic egg farm. We are a small 3rd generation farm in small town Denmark. 19 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through the whole journey. So our goal from there on was to get rid of the GMOs, chemicals, out of our crops and animals. We put a green house up so we could grow are own organic food right here on the farm. Then we went to organic grazing, raising laying hens for the health of our customers.

Why did you invest in the Clipper City Co-op and become and owner?

We became owners for the fact that Manitowoc needs a food coop where you can support all the local farms and not bring in food from that has to travel to get here. Businesses supporting the local and organic sustainable farms are important to have around.

Why do you feel Manitowoc needs a food co-op?

We feel you can eat for less cost if it is grown right here. For the health of our customers that can not grow good food, the coop is a good way for them to eat healthier and enjoy good food that was grown almost in their back yards. I personally feel I am a living example of eating the right food as I have been cancer free for 19 years.

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