Owner Spotlight: Elizabeth Fritsch

Meet one of our newest owners of 2018-- Owner #365, Elizabeth Fritsch

Tell us a little bit about yourself- where are you from, how long you've been in Manitowoc, etc.

I am a Manitowoc County native. I grew up in rural Manitowoc County on a hobby farm and now live in Manitowoc. Farming was an important part of both of my parents' lives as they grew up and I was blessed to have some exposure to farming as my family had beef cattle and turkeys. I also spent much time in the summer baling hay with my dad and whatever land wasn't used for hay was rented out to other local farmers to be used for corn or soybeans. My family also had a small hobby garden and a small apple orchard.

What do you do for a living? Any hobbies or favorite pastimes?

I am the Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi Parish and also teach Zumba at the Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center. In my free time I enjoy working out, leisurely biking, reading, and playing strategic board games.

Why did you invest in the Clipper City Co-op and become an owner? You had said you were following the progress of the Co-op--what prompted you to join when you did?

I had seen several Clipper City co-op lawn signs which piqued my interest. I found the Clipper City co-op page on Facebook and began following the updates. After hearing several great comments about the Clipper City Co-op I decided to join at the start of 2018. I feel that it's important to invest in your local community and I feel like the Clipper City Co-op will aid in efforts to revitalize Manitowoc.

The timeline for when the co-op doors will open is dependent on ownership numbers-are you doing anything specific to help encourage ownership-house parties, taking part in the +1 campaign, etc?

I haven't done anything specific to help encourage ownership at this point, but I'd definitely like to. I particularly like the idea of hosting a house party.

Why do you feel Manitowoc County needs a food co-op?

I think so many people are looking to eat healthier and eat foods that are sourced locally. I think the Clipper City co-op can address this desire. I also love the idea of supporting local farmers and producers and having a place for their products to be readily accessible to the public. I think many people desire to support local farmers but there isn't much of a direct way to do this aside from attending a farmer's market. Having a food co-op empowers both farmers and producers and consumers.

What are you looking forward to buying from the co-op?

I am definitely looking forward to buying locally sourced meats as I find it difficult to buy meat from large grocery stores when I don't where the meat originates or the conditions in which the animals were raised.


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