Owner Spotlight: The Allards

Meet Jason and Heather Allard, Owners #50!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves-where are you from, how long have you’ve been in Manitowoc, etc. What do you do for a living?

Heather has lived in the Manitowoc area most of her life. Jason has been living here for almost 20 years. Heather is an artist and a rural mail carrier. She makes beautiful quilled cards and other projects. Jason is a Marine Engineer at Burger Boat Company.

In the spring they can be found working with Heather’s family gathering and boiling sap to make maple syrup. They are the Allard half of Allard and Kretsch Family Maple Syrup and Honey. Jason has been president of the Manitowoc County Bee Keeper Association for the last couple years as well.

Why did you invest in the Clipper City Co-op and become an owner?

“We invested in the Co-op because we like the idea of a locally organized and run grocery store that could provide locally sourced products as part of the offering.”

Why do you feel Manitowoc County needs a food co-op?

“We think a food co-op will be a good alternative to the big box store options we currently have in Manitowoc. We like the co-ops we visited in other cities for the fresh products they offer.”

What are you looking forward to buying from the co-op?

“We look forward to buying produce and other items grown right in our area rather on the other side of the country.”


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