Owner Spotlight - The Boutelles

“Since becoming small business owners,

we see the importance of shopping local

and knowing where your food is coming from. "

Meet Kevin and Candice Boutelle (Owner # 288)

Kevin is originally from Sheboygan and Candice is from central WI though they have lived in Manitowoc since 2010. It was a good midpoint location for their jobs as Kevin works for Kohler Co. as a systems architect and Candice was teaching high school art in Denmark at the time. They have 2 children, Clay and Cora and Candice has enjoyed being a stay at home mom since Cora was born, but she also now works part time at INSPIRE Sheboygan County.

You may have also heard of their coffee roasting business, Tall Bean Coffee, or enjoyed a cup of their delicious java at Manitowoc Coffee or the Farmers Market. They ventured into the coffee roasting business in 2012 when they started roasting coffee beans out of a licensed kitchen in their home. They initially started selling directly to customers through the Farmers Markets in Manitowoc and Green Bay but have since expanded by developing relationships with local stores and businesses such as Manitowoc Coffee and graced who also carry their coffee.

When asked why they became members of the Clipper City Co-op, they replied that as they became more involved in the community with their business, they met many great people who really care about our community. They see the people who are involved with the co-op are friendly, passionate and a really fun group of people. They enjoyed getting to know more about the co-op by talking to current owners over a couple cups of (their) coffee during Saturday morning markets. They knew the Co-op was something they wanted to be a part of and joined in 2017.

Kevin and Candice are working to spread the word about the co-op by inviting their friends to It’s Growtime (they joined too!). They have their yard sign up and even decorated it over Christmas with lights. It’s been a conversation starter with visitors and neighbors and they enjoy sharing the mission of the co-op to help further spur ownership.

They feel having a food co-op in Manitowoc County will be an investment in the community. They see that the people in Manitowoc take pride in their community and businesses and this will be a great outlet to further showcase products grown and produced locally while providing greater awareness to where we get our food. The Boutelles are looking forward to picking up locally raised meats and produce when the co-op opens as well as discovering other unique products from the area.

Jackie Sullivan Owner #57

The Clipper City Co-op is made up of a diverse group of people who have one major thing in common--they care about the food they eat and about their community. We are introducing a new Crunch feature this month--Owner Spotlight. Each month we will feature a co-op owner who wants to share why they joined and why they feel Manitowoc County will benefit from having a food co-op.

If you would like to share your story, we’d love to hear from you! Just contact Jackie Sullivan at Sullivanfarm@tm.net.


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