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Local Company Offers “Preventive Health Care in a Cup”

Helena Stallings in on a mission. The Oklahoma native moved to Manitowoc with her fiancé a year and half ago and went into business producing a delicious bone broth made exclusively with locally sourced, healthful ingredients. “I was tired,” she says, “of businesses whose sole purpose was to make a buck.” Instead, she set out to create a business that “stood for something,” that contributed to building a sustainable food system that delivered health-giving foods to the community. She was dismayed to see that in spite of the number of local farms in the Manitowoc area, very little health food was locally produced, and so she set out to fill that vacuum.

Her company, Scissortail Bakery & Kitchen, LLC, founded in October 2015, was named for the Oklahoma state bird and currently specializes in a tasty and nutritious bone broth, which is sold to both commercial interests and individuals. A line of heritage grain breads is also in the offing. The business maintains a website (www.scissortailkitchen.com) and a Facebook presence (https://www.facebook.com/scissortailkitchen/).

I met Helena at her commercial kitchen in the Lakeshore CAP building on State Street, where we discussed her journey. She is passionate about the health benefits of her bone broth, which, unlike ordinary stock, takes between 30 and 60 hours of simmering to produce, not to mention all the prep work. “All the bones I use are from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals, and all the veggies are fresh picked, whole ingredients. I use purified water and no extracts—just real food.”

The result, she says, is “preventive health care in a cup.” Rather than serving as a flavor base, as traditional stocks do, bone broth is a “sipping broth.” Loaded with gelatin, collagen, and protein, as well as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, bone broth is soothing and healing to the digestive tract and can help calm auto-immune responses that originate in the gut. And as a source of absorbable bone- and tooth-building minerals, it is also good for skeletal and dental strength, she points out.

The Scissortail website features a list of retail outlets where Helena’s bone broth may be purchased, as well as a web store, which will go live at the end of the month. In the meantime, you can order directly through email (sales@scissortailkitchen.com) or by calling 424-298-5121.

~by Erica Strauss, Co-op Owner #25

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