Clipper City Co-op Owner Cards

Why did I receive a Clipper City Co-op owner card in the mail?

We own a grocery store! Each of us that has fully invested $200 as an individual household holds one share of Class A stock in Clipper City Co-op. Our name and owner number is written on our card. We celebrate this important milestone toward opening our community owned grocery store!

The soft co-op opening date of summer 2019 was developed with the help of our consultant, using ownership benchmarks that are now part of what we call our Ownership Driven Timeline.

The board of directors uses the ownership driven timeline to make decisions and prioritize the work of each stage of co-op development. The next benchmark is 285 owners by the end of March. At that time we will develop a site selection team and pro forma financial planning.

Meeting our ownership benchmarks is how we will open our co-op. A community owned grocery store is dependent on owners.

By the time the store opens, we will have close to 1,000 owners.

That is why is it so important to us that as owners, we all understand the value of investing now rather than waiting to join when the store opens.

Start-up co-ops add value to a community long before they open.

Here is one example of how Clipper City Co-op is adding value to a community prior to existing as a bricks and mortar full-service grocery store: Each month we plan to build a partnership with a local businesses to offer our current owners an incentive (added-value) of joining the co-op. Each owner receives an owner card to demonstrate ownership.

In March, if you show your owner card at Novak Service Station, Jeremiah Novak, co-op owner #170, is offering all current owners ½ off oil changes at his business, Novak Service Station. Novak’s will also complete an oil change free of charge to any new owner in March! Cooperation among owners is unique to cooperatives!

Last month, Tammy Potter, co-op owner # 190 and business owner of Sisters Unraveled, accepted a challenge to increase ownership in the co-op! She provided an incentive to current owners who brought their owner card into the store. Owners helped Tammy reach the goal of 14 new owners in 14 days by bringing in potential new owners.

Be watching for our monthly owner incentives, and keep your co-op wallet card handy! We encourage you to support our fellow co-op local business owners; over 20% of our current owners are also local business people working hard to support themselves and their communities.

We appreciate the partnership that is evolving between current co-op owners who also run local businesses. Join us! Together we are building a community owned full service grocery store.


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