Open Meetings! YES. A few thoughts from Cath.

September 2, 2016

Why in the world would someone attend an open meeting hosted by Clipper City Co-op?


 Here are some reasons that might resonate with you:


I hear that locally sourced snacks are served at most of these meetings, prepared by local chefs!  I enjoy sampling new recipes!



I’ve met some really interesting people at the previous open meetings, including farmers and otherproducers of food and non-food products.  Sometimes the open meetings even provide an opportunity to purchase local goods.

As an owner, I invested $200 to help bring a community owned grocery store into downtown Manitowoc and I want to hear what progress has been made! 


I haven’t invested in the co-op yet, but I care deeply about the social and economic impact that local businesses stimulate.  I’m attending to hear more about the membership driven timeline and the quarterly payment options.

As a volunteer serving the owner/outreach committee,  I attend to listen how others talk about the membership drive so I can be effective when I share about the co-op.


I am an owner of the co-op and I attend to show my support for the hard work the committee is doing!  I am even thinking about applying for the board.