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This series of blog posts offer a look into local businesses and their owners who have become members of the Co-op, what they have to offer at their business and why they as a local business chose to become members.

As a whole co-ops see the importance of supporting local businesses, they help keep our economic health in check locally, and provide wonderful products for our local neighbors.

Recently opening their new location at 1226 South 35th street in Manitowoc, Grape Grain and Bean has plenty to offer;

"Grape Grain and Bean is a Home Brewing Supply store were you can purchase products for brewing your own Beer, Wine, Soda Coffee and Tea at home. We sell malts, hops, yeast, grape kits and all the equipment for making and bottling it as well. We opened in 2005 in downtown Manitowoc and have recently moved into our larger facility closer the interstate and tripling our square footage to over 5500sq feet. "

"Selling malt from Briess and pots and spoons from local manufacturers like Vallrath, Polar Ware, Sprecher Soda Extracts even cameras for checking vinyards and orchards from Reconyx out of Holmen WI. If local supplies are made in WI we hold true to selling them. I hobby of pleasure and reality makes it a job you can be happy to go to work every day. I love it. Talking to brewers and vintners though out the day makes the learning process never end. Trust me, with over ten years in business and over 15 years in making wine and beer. I still learn every day. We do have a web site with a, About Us tab on the main page. You can check that out as well as the products we sell to get a better idea of the products and hobby we are in."

You can see more on their website here:


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