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Be an O.G. 750! 

Dear Owners and Friends,

So much good is happening in Manitowoc and we are getting really excited! Clipper City Co-op is getting close to our membership goal of 750 member-owners needed to sign a lease and begin opening a full-service, community-owned grocery store in downtown Manitowoc!

Our democratically run co-op will be so much more than a grocery store – it will keep our food dollars local and help incubate new entrepreneurs while providing a large percentage of truly local goods that are high quality and affordable. Healthy grab-and-go options and a beautiful deli counter will offer convenient access for a quick meal. Our co-op will also be a community center, bustling with social activity, offering a place to learn about healthy eating and offering ways to connect with neighbors that care about the overall health of our community.


Take a look around! There are “Proud (Co-op) Owner” signs all over Manitowoc County (and a few signs in other counties and states, too). The Clipper City Co-op is honored to have the support of individuals that believe in our mission and vision. These friends and neighbors are people that have enough vision and faith to buy a share before we sign a lease. Without them, we cannot create this hub of community wellness. The original 750, or OG 750’s as we affectionally call them, will have a special place in our hearts for having enough vision and faith to buy a share before a lease is signed. We will be honoring these special owners by putting their name on a wall in the new store. So, if you are already one of these OG 750’s we can’t wait to see your name go up in our new store! *

If you aren’t already an owner-member, what are you waiting for? Time to get off the fence! You have a friend or neighbor that is already an owner-member (see the list here). Though anyone can shop at the store, being an owner has special benefits, including the love and respect from fellow cooperators! It costs only $200 per household for life and payment installments are accepted. Hurry and join your friends and neighbors on our OG 750 feature wall before it’s too late! Feel free to call on me with any questions – I love talking co-op.

In Cooperation,



*If you are a current member-owner, please contact us via email, Facebook messenger, phone, or text to let us know how you want your family or household name to appear on the wall. There is 35 character maximum. Examples: The Smith Family, Jane and John Smith. Businesses will not be listed on this wall, however, if you are a business owner please contact us so we can list your information on our website.