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You can make a tax deductible donation to the Co-op through our fiscal sponsor, Cooperative Development Fund of CDS.  They are working with us to accept donations on our behalf.

The Fund meets the requirements for a 501(c)3 organization, which makes your donation tax-deductible.   Please complete the form below to make a donation online OR  write a  check made out to  Cooperative Development Fund of CDS and mail to us at PO Box 1401 Manitowoc, WI


Thank you for helping us grow!

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I understand my donation is tax deductible though Cooperative Development Fund of CDS.

After submitting the  form please click on the Donate button.   Thank you!


Mailing Address: PO Box 1401 Manitowoc, WI 54221-1401

Office (temporary): 814 S. 8th Street ~ Manitowoc

Phone: 920-905-7334

Office hours by appointment, for safety sake.

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