Online election has ended. Ballots may be turned in in-person at

814 S. 8th Street between 2:30 and 3:00 pm on May 31

Candidate Bios

I am a Manitowoc resident with a strong belief in the Clipper City Co Op. I am an Agricultural Economist and have several years of experience developing and working with cooperatives in the US and 15 countries around the world. I have worked as the director of two cooperative development centers in Ohio and as the Executive Director of the Ohio Farmers Union. I have served on the board of directors of Clipper City Cooperative as a board member and treasurer for the last two years and am seeking another term to serve on the Clipper City Board of Directors.

John Ellerman

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I am a Manitowoc resident, with my sister am a co-owner of Fricke Printing and feel that as a local business owner I can bring many skills to the table. 

I currently serve and have served on many boards of directors. I can bring knowledge from these experiences to this board. I understand the commitment of a board and I also strongly believe in the mission of the Clipper City Co-op.

Bill Fricke

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I am a Manitowoc resident, a Co Op owner and father of 5.  I am a retired business man With 20 years’ experience as an Application Sales Engineer.  I am a Downtown Property owner which I am rehabilitating for living space.  I would like to see the Downtown as a vibrant fully functioning residential environment, to do so it requires healthy choices in living. I believe that the Clipper City Co Op can do this and I want to help. I understand hard work and working as a team member. I have been a Clipper City Co Op Board member for 1 year and seek re-election this year.

Scott Retzak


Mailing Address: PO Box 1401 Manitowoc, WI 54221-1401

Office (temporary): 814 S. 8th Street ~ Manitowoc

Phone: 920-905-7334

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