Great things are in the making at Clipper City Co-op.


The global pandemic has caused us to adjust our approach to providing access to fresh, locally sourced, nutritious foods for our community. 


While we continue plans and fundraising for our brick and mortar location,

we know virtual is the way to go, and so we're working on a Co-op online store.


We have our work cut out for us and we need your enthusiasm and support

(of spirit and money) to make the dreams come true.



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We're going online to get downtown!

under construction:

 online store

online store image.jpg

The online store is being planned by a special committee consisting of board, staff and co-op owners.  The store will feature an online catalogue of fresh, locally sourced products including produce, dairy and meat.    Customers will establish an account on the online store site and then be able to order items at their leisure from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  Pick up of items will occur at the co-op’s current office at 814 S. 8th Street, or home delivery will be offered for a small fee.

Sally Peck, Operations Coordinator for the co-op, will assist with creation and management of the online store.  


According to Sally, “This will be a wonderful way for the co-op to begin living its mission of providing quality, locally sourced foods that will improve the health and well-being of our community.  Our customers will have a one source, go-to opportunity to support our local agriculture community and put fresh foods on the family table.  An additional benefit is less likelihood of interruptions in the food chain, as we’ve seen with the pandemic.  It’s pretty much a farm to table type of operation, with the co-op being the connector between farmers and consumers,” she said.

Peck reports the online store will take several months to get up and running in full but also reports the co-op will offer select holiday items to begin the operation. 

Site under negotiation:

702 York street

downtown manitowoc

702 York Street photo.jpg

The #1 contender location,  still under negotiation for a lease agreement, was shared at the Owner Zoom Meet-up on October 15th.


The  site is located at 7th and York Street in downtown Manitowoc, and is a historic building located in a popular neighborhood for community residents, on the bus line and in easy walking distance for downtown visitors, walkers, bikers and workers.

The building is bordered by wonderful neighbors of Lakeshore Technical College to the East, Harborside Restaurant to the South and Rose-Colored Glasses and Ryan's on York to the West.

Tony Fodden, Site Selection Committee Chairman made the announcement and told owners it is believed this site will be an ideal location for the food co-op, providing over 6,000 square feet of open, airy space with sunny skylights and convenient off-street parking.

Tony explained discussions are complex, and the timeline for signing the lease, designing and building the store, and opening it for owners and shoppers depends on these negotiations and raising the money needed to do so.