Current Openings

General Manager

The Clipper City Co-op, located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, is aggressively seeking an engaging and visionary General Manager to manage our cooperative grocery store in downtown Manitowoc. We are particularly interested in candidates with strong financial management skills and proven leadership ability. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the ideal candidate. Interested candidates are invited and encouraged to submit a cover letter, current resume, and three current references to Marcia Donlon at This position will remain open until filled, with an expected start date of January, 2020. For more information about the Clipper City Co-op, please visit our website, or visit our Facebook page. Mission Statement
Clipper City Co-op is a community owned grocery store dedicated to providing access to locally-sourced food, strengthening the regional economy, and promoting health and well being in the community.
Clipper City Cooperative Grocery Store seeks to fulfill its mission goals by:
1. Nurturing community engagement
2. Cultivating local, sustainable agricultural food production
3. Operating a sustainable business that fosters growth in Manitowoc County
4. Providing access to healthy, quality food and food education Position Summary
The General Manager is responsible for the operational leadership of the Clipper City Cooperative Grocery store. In this position, the General Manager implements the policies set by the democratically elected Board of directors of the co-op. The General Manager will run the business in a manner that enhances the cooperative principles for the owners, employees, other stakeholders, board members and local business partners. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with the education and experience of the General Manager. The General Manager will:
● Ensure operational excellence by overseeing the distribution of healthy, high quality, locally produced foods and goods.
● Provide superb customer service from well-trained educated and motivated employees under strong leadership.
● Be supportive of a thriving, ethical, sustainable, and economically sound enterprise for our owners, employees, stakeholders and local connections.
● Bachelor of Science degree in business (commensurate experience as a grocery store manager will be considered in place of Bachelor degree).
● Minimum of 4 years in business and personnel management in the grocery industry
● Outstanding communication skills
● Financial planning, budgeting experience
● Knowledge of basic general accounting practice principles
● Ability to work well with Board, owners and other stakeholders
● Computer skills to include spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and others as required
● Ability to act with a sense of urgency
● Strategic planning experience
● Change management experience
● Knowledge of business plan development
Responsibilities - Board Relations
● The General Manager reports directly to the Board of Directors, which operates under the Policy Governance Model.
● Provides the Board with operational reports as required/requested within expected time frame.
● Submits outcomes of overall policies, objectives, and metrics for the Board’s approval.
● Advises and informs the Board on current operations, including potential threats and opportunities.
● Oversees and coordinates implementation of Board policies.
● Demonstrates ability to present material ideas to the Board in an effective, organized and well-documented manner.
● Demonstrates openness to questions, suggestions and constructive comments from the Board and owners.
● Manages employees, including hiring, training, evaluating and firing.
● Performance reviews will be conducted at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals, and then annually. Financial Accountability
● Establishes operating and capital budgets within required time frames.
● Demonstrates effective budget control.
● Provides monthly financial reports to the Board.
● Controls cash flow to ensure purchasing power, meet all obligations when due, and meet all commitments.
● Measures and evaluates revenue performance to budget.
● Ensures highest level of credit standing.
● Maintains necessary financial records.
● Develops and implements operational policies and procedures required to achieve operational excellence for a superb shopping experience by providing high quality goods and services, local and organic products, food safety and hygiene best practices.
● Reviews overall performance of employees taking corrective action when needed, and recognizing above and beyond performance as appropriate.
● Oversees advertising and promotion strategy.
● Observes proper and safe procedures for handling shoplifting, theft, robbery, and
inappropriate behavior at the Co-op.
● Responsible for selection, employment, training, performance review, and performance improvement opportunities of employees. Implementing disciplinary action and outstanding performance acknowledgement of employees as warranted.
● Develops employee safety policies and procedures.
● Ensures that the Co-op meets local, state, and federal regulations regarding wages, hours, and working conditions.
● Maintains good working relationships with employees, with visible accessibility to employees.
● Develops pay and benefit programs to ensure internal and external equality.
Owner/Community/Cooperative Relations
● Directs and maintains the business as a cooperative society.
● Works with many local producers of food and other products to enable them to market their goods in the store.
● Obtains input from owners, producers, vendors, other stakeholders, and community connections about products, services, and issues affecting the Co-op,
● Establishes and maintains excellent owner, producer, vendor, customer and community based relations. ● Establishes and maintains ongoing educational programs, specific to Co-op Mission Statement. Disclaimer Notice
The duties, elements, responsibilities, skills, functions, experience, requirements and conditions listed in this job description are not exclusive of the tasks an employee may be required to perform. The employer reserves the right to revise this job description at any time, and may require employees to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of business, competitive considerations, or the work environment change.