Clipper City Co-op Board Members

Meet Beth Steimle, serving as President of the Board of Directors.

Born and raised in Manitowoc, I feel my biggest strength as a Board Member for Clipper City Co-op would be my life long involvement in nutrition and healthy living and educating others on the benefits. I am very active in the community, by contributing to and supporting programs and agencies that are helping to strengthen and better our community for all generations. 

Meet Tony Fodden, serving as the VP of Clipper City Co-op Board of Directors. 
I traveled extensively for school beginning in 8th grade, I’ve always felt at home here and established many close friendships and social connections. In 1978 I moved to Seattle to obtain my Masters in Architecture degree. After 30 years I missed my friends, the Lake, deciduous trees, 4 seasons, and our prairie sky. In 2008 I returned to Manitowoc committed to actively participating in the community's growth and development. I started my own consulting business in architectural project management and technical design. I have also been actively involved in local arts, city planning, historic preservation, parks and recreation, and the overall quality of life in Manitowoc. I am committed to seeing a cooperative grocery opening in Manitowoc.

Meet Leann Swartz, serving as Treasurer on  the Board of Directors!

I live in Two Rivers and I believe in this movement. As a Board member I will bring an experience in retail, non-profit and financial organizations. I have sat on multiple boards and served on fund raising and growth committees. I will happily, eagerly spread the word about all the benefits Clipper City Co-op can bring to our community. 

Meet Pat Koppa, Secretary of the Board of Directors.

I have many layers and many interests so it is perfect to have many names. If I have to pick the top two interests outside work related subjects I go straight to Girl Scouts and the Experimental Aircraft Association. I volunteer extensively with both organizations logging untold hours. Both organizations have made a huge impact on my life and I believe in giving back. By volunteering I continue to try new things. I find that I am never bored. I am looking forward to eventually catching up on my "must do" list and having more time to volunteer and work in my long neglected gardens.

Meet Naomi Raddatz, Board of Directors.

I attended Doctor Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN where I received a bachelor's degree in elementary education. I then taught in elementary schools in Manitowoc, Bay City, Michigan and at St. John’s Lutheran School in Manitowoc. I enjoyed teaching grades one and two for eight years and preschool for 12 years at this excellent school. How many schools can say they have cows in their backyard? I have been married to Nathan Raddatz since 1994 and we are the proud parents of four children.  We have so much to be thankful for here. I believe that a Cooperative Grocery store will be a true benefit to our community and its local farmers. Having access to quality fresh food year round is a priceless commodity that will grow with us for generations to come.

Meet John Ellerman,  a Clipper City Co-op Board of Directors member.

John grew up in Manitowoc and graduated from Lincoln High School. John is a Vietnam Veteran who used the GI Bill to get a BS degree in agricultural services and a MS in agricultural economics from Southern Illinois University and has added graduate coursework while in a PhD Program at Michigan State University. John has worked professionally as an Agricultural Economist for 40 years for three universities and has more than 12 years of international experience working with cooperative and marketing project/programs in several countries around the world. 

Meet Ryan Sullivan, serving as one of the Board of Directors.

Ryan Sullivan is a husband, father, veteran and farmer. Ryan is a Senior Master Sergeant in the SD Air National Guard and a proud member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition. Ryan and Jackie were married in Oct 2006 and have three healthy beautiful children. Ryan is an enthusiastic new sustainable farmer that values local, nutrient dense slow food.

Meet Bill Fricke, serving as the newest member on the Board of Directors. 

I am a Manitowoc resident, with my sister I am a co-owner of Fricke Printing and feel that as a local business owner I can bring many skills to the table.  I currently serve and have served on many boards of directors.  I bring knowledge from these experiences to this board.  I also strongly believe in the mission of the Clipper City Co-op.

Meet Scott Retzak, serving on the Board of Directors. I am a retired US Navy Chief working in the field of business and sales. I speak three languages: English, Spanish & ASL. I moved to Manitowoc from San Diego and I own a downtown building which is in development. I believe that the Clipper City Co-op can play a big part in achieving a strong, vibrant downtown core and I want to help make that happen. 


Mailing Address: PO Box 1401 Manitowoc, WI 54221-1401

Office (temporary): 814 S. 8th Street ~ Manitowoc

Phone: 920-905-7334

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