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Calling all Clipper City Co-op Owners!

Hey!  We need YOU! 

We are seeking owners interested in being Clipper City Board members.

Any owner is welcome and encouraged to run for a Board position!  We encourage you to do so!  As an owner, your insight is vital to our growth and success.  Here is what we are looking for:

  • Your passion and commitment to success of Clipper City Co-op development

  • You are a current owner

  • You attend one Board meeting to OBSERVE prior to your name being placed on the ballot.  This is simply to ensure you understand the role of the Board and how it functions.

  • You agree to commit to a 3-year term as a Board member


Previous Board experience would be great, but is not a prerequisite.  We have SO many talented owners with a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap into!  the Board is embarking on the next steps of co-op development, a capital campaign and fund development, and hiring staff including the general manager.  People with interests and skills in these areas who are ready to help steer the co-op through these stages are most encouraged to apply.

If this opportunity piques your interest, please contact the nominations committee via email at for more information.  Feel free to ask a committee member or current board member in person as well.

Side note:  If you think a Board position may be a bit too much, we are also looking for various committee members and volunteers.  Please let us know if this would be of interest to you and we will talk.  And if you know someone who would be a good board member, please pass this information along.  Some people might not know we are looking!

Thank you!


Nominations Committee 

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