Thank You to our Donors

We are deeply grateful for each and every donor who has generously made a gift to help us continue progress for the Clipper City Co-op. 

We thank all our committed benefactors.

Harvestors - $1m - 500,000

Producers - $499,000 - 250,000

Cultivators - $249,000 - 100,000

Sowers - $99,999 - 1,000

Nathan and Naomi Raddatz

Novak Service Center

Mary Maurer and Dan Kirk

Patti Koppa and John Bruce

Bill Fricke

James and Jill Iverson

Lakeshore Family Funeral Homes

Cathy and Tom Delain

Justin and Melissa Friske

Mary Murray and Bill Odegaard

Mike and Tara Huck

Renee Olson

Scott Voskuil

Pam Wargin

Neighbors - $999 - 50

Ryan and Jackie Sullivan Family

Steve and Katreena Powell

Cedar Collaborative, LLC

Roadside Cucina and Cannery

Greg Jagemann and Patrick Neuenfeldt

Wendy and Matt Campbell

Katherine and Lon Wendt

Janet Pitroski

Carolyn Pearson

Panera Bread

Brennan Seehafer Productions

Sally Peck

Crowley Gear LLC

James and Jane Hamann

Michael Laughrin

Barb Kussman

Tom and Julia Angst

Mary and Bill Dean

Jennifer Pederson

Lynn Stueck

Gerald Tollefson

Annette Kaminsky

Mary Rathsack

Tari and William Gunzel

Ryan's on York

Christine Honzik

John Haug

Clara Svatek

Owner Loans

Friends of the Co-op  

We sincerely appreciate gifts of all sizes that are given as a show of support to our fundraisers and in-kind gifts of time, talent and product. It takes a village!

Thank you friends and volunteers!

James Rozoff

Beth Steimle

Pat Koppa

John Ellerman

Bill Fricke

Scott Retzak

Naomi Raddatz

Jill Iverson

Batch Baker Co.

Anton Doneff

Michelle Doneff

Sara Biren

John Haug

Linda Olp

Shannon Daly

Mackenzie Mraz

Kathleen McDaniel

Jan VanEycke

Mary Burckle

Lynn Buchholz

Lisa Steppe

Mary Maurer

Lauren Baur

Jason Prigge

Tina Prigge

Melissa Walsch

Marcia Donlon

Tony Fodden

Leann Swartz

Ryan Sullivan

Albert Sears

Cath Tease

Kim Everett

Paulette Sears

Sara Vits Shoman

Katie Wendt

Sally Peck

Lori Hagenow

Sally Atwell